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About Founder

Denita Singh-Farria

Denita Singh-Farria is a professional entrepreneur and visionary who is passionate and committed to reaching out and helping the homeless in the Dallas/Fort Worth communities.


Denita is a consultant in medical health and elderly care.  One Chance One Change is exactly what it is. We are a Faith-based organization that operates on donations that offer assistance to the homeless. We are a non-discriminatory organization that assists those in need. Our goal is to reach out to as many homeless individuals in the Fort Worth/ Tarrant County area and assist them with resources that will get them through day-to-day survival living, such as daily nourishment, health, and wellness, possibly connect them with family members that may be able to assist them with getting back on track.

Our mission is to build a resource center to help individuals who have skills and trades to get back into the workplace and become productive and contributing citizens. We are partnering with other nonprofit organizations to help individuals obtain their GEDs, IDs, birth certificates, referral to rental assistance, shelters and/or recovery agencies.  OCOC offers coaching, counseling, and prayer to assist during the initial stages of these processes.

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